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Visual Sales CRM
Visual <span>Sales CRM</span>

Seeing is believing

Pipeliner CRM provides a visual overview of all your opportunities in the context of your sales process, giving your team actionable insights to close more deals.

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Pipeliner CRM's new version Principia is designed to propel leads into closed deals more efficiently. This release has new metrics and better visualization of sales motion:
  • Sales Checklists. Augment each Sales Step with a Checklist of To-Do’s that reps complete to move an Opportunity from Stage to Stage. Everyone see the progress!
  • Visual Task Board. Tasks now mirror your pipeline flow -- just drag and drop. Columns indicate task status: Not Started, In Progress, Waiting, Finished, Deferred.
  • Autofill Data. Pipeliner fills in the Contact record with publicly available information like: avatar, address, title, social media accounts, etc., saving you time and effort.